Eight ways to treat tooth decay

  1. Increase the amount of arginine (an amino acid) in your diet. Eat more spinach, soy, seafood and nuts.                                                                          spinach
  2. Brush with baking soda. If you don’t like the taste of it, you can just apply toothpaste to your brush and then dip it in a little baking soda to reduce the flavor!
  3. Apply chlorhexidine varnish (Cervitec Plus) to exposed roots. Follow up with fluoride varnish one week later. The chlorhexidine arrests the enzymatic breakdown of dentinal collage and the high dose of fluoride will help with the mineralization process.                                                                                      cervitec-plus
  4. Stock up on Nuvora products and use them daily. All of their lozenges contain xylitol and baking soda. (Check out our last blog post to learn about xylitol) Check out www.nuvorainc.com
  5. If you’re dealing with severe dry mouth, try products like arginine mouthwash or pilocarpine lollipops. lollipops
  6. Try glylic lollipops! Glylic is a compound from licorice root that has specific antimicrobial properties against cariogenic and periodontal organisms.
  7. Xylitol is a great preventative aid, you should try to get six grams per day, which you can do simply by chewing gum like IceBreakers Ice Cubes. xylitol-ice-breaker
  8. Use MI paste to help change your plaque biology. Simply apply a small amount to your toothbrush and brush normally, but there is no need to rinse.
Thanks to Dr. Nový for the great list!
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