Top 5 Tips to a Comfy Dentist Trip

Going to the dentist can be scary. Believe it or not, I know this— and I totally understand. At Alpine Smiles, we chat a lot about what we can do to make our patients feel more relaxed and comfortable in the chair. We want to make sure you feel calm and relaxed while in our presence. 
Here’s our top 5 tips to making your trip to the dentist as comfortable as possible. 
1. Bring a Pillow & Blanket
Or ask us for one! At Alpine Smiles, we offer soft chenille blankets, lumbar and neck pillows, and back massagers. We really want your time at the dentist to be a calm experience— so lay back, relax, and enjoy some quality entertainment… 
2. Watch a movie
Nothing is better than being distracted at the dentist office. Personally, I fall asleep in the dentist chair… But my husband and kiddos love watching their favorite movies in the chair. Lay back on your pillow, cuddle under your blanket, and enjoy your favorite action-adventure, romantic-comedy, or feel-good movie. 
3. Wear comfy clothes 
I know we always want to look our best, but trust me— if I could wear pajama’s to work I would. This is your (in)formal invitation to wear whatever makes you the most comfortable to our office— whether that be your PJs, sweatpants, or a full on suit. 
4. Get that face moving! 
Stretch that face and get your blood moving! You’re going to have your mouth wide open for a good chunk of time, so don’t let it get tired.  
5. Prescription Medication
Now this one is a bit more serious… If you have dental anxiety, we want to help. After chatting with me, I can prescribe a medication to help maintain calm, cool, and collected.
We’ll take you from this… 
To this…
I hope this blog was helpful in providing you a fun and informative way to make your time at the dentist more informative. If you have more questions, please feel free to call our office at 928-774-9554 or reach out on social media! 
Your friend, 
Dr. Joedi Pasut
Alpine Smiles Family Dentistry
1600 W University Ave #113
Flagstaff, AZ 

One thought on “Top 5 Tips to a Comfy Dentist Trip

  1. When you say appointment with a Dentist, people tend to think of negative stuff. Whether you’re a kid or an adult most would still feel nervous even afraid.

    This has been ongoing for decades. As a kid, my mom made sure I visit my dentist regularly and what I can remember is not fear but Ice cream. After a check up, my mom would always bring me to an ice cream parlor and buy me my favorite ice cream. So, I really didn’t understand why my friends dreaded the day they had to visit their dentist.

    Looking back, I realized that my mom had a huge part as to why I don’t really feel nervous or afraid with dental check ups. She made sure I always get a treat after, that way what I would remember is something pleasant.

    I guess this is one way of breaking the chain of fear of Dentist and check ups.

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